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Sidse Malene Bohm, Dramatic Coloratura Soprano

Sidse Malene Bohm, Dramatic Coloratura Soprano

Danish Soprano Sidse Malene Bohm's voice is both rare and beautiful. Dark and powerful while retaining a penetrating chiraro that blooms in a big hall, her dramatic colortura voice is reminiscent of the greatest sopranos of the golden age. Not unlike Joan Sutherland, Sidse was treated as a Wagnerian early on, singing the heaviest repertoire, but she knew something wasn't right. After two years of dedicated work together, she has found the joy in her voice as a dramatic coloratura, with profound color, beauty and expressiveness. A teacher once told her, "your voice is a one of the greatest that I have ever heard, you must do whatever it takes to make it work!" She is now on a Master of Music course at the Conservatoire in Odense Denmark, and I can only say what a great opportunity it is to work with her, contributing what I can to such a great instrument. As her voice comes into its own, it will be a force to be reckoned with.

- K E Querns Langley

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'Quando m'en vo' (Live)

La Bohème (Puccini)

'Flickan kom ifrån sin älsklings möte' (Live)


00:00 / 03:00

'Oh! Quante volte' (Live)

I Capuleti e i Montecchi (Bellini)

00:00 / 06:19

'Nuit d'Étoiles' (Live)


00:00 / 03:12

'Jeg beder for hver en Vejfarende Sjæl'

- 'Åses bøn' (Live)

King and Marshall (Heise)

00:00 / 03:05
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