Bel Canto Vocal Studio

Ken Querns Langley

Who is Suited for this Studio?

  • Students that are typically accepted into the K E Querns Langley Bel Canto Vocal Studio are normally those with a strong desire to sing and/or to learn Bel Canto Vocal Technique in an intensely pedagogical way, however there is NO previous musical study required.
  • Beginners are always welcome, however will be held to the same vocal standards, and will be given the same training as those with previous musical study.
  • Any student looking to study voice for 'personal development' with no professional aspirations will also be given training equal to those students following a course of study leading to a professional career. The only difference will be the expectations based on the students' goals.
  • A non-professional grade student seeking to 'just learn some songs' or 'take some quick lessons' for whatever reason will be offered lessons with either a resident apprentice or coach.
  • Each student will be expected to follow a consistent course of study in which they will take at least one (1) lesson per week, however multiple lessons are possible, and are always offered at a reduced rate. While many students chose to take more than one lesson per week, only one lesson is required.