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Dr. Ken Querns-Langley

Voice Building - Habilitation - Artistic Refinement

About Me

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My name is Dr. Ken Querns-Langley

Over the past 20 plus years I have worked with more than 300 students, several of whom perform regularly on international stages. Many have been accepted to prestigious conservatories and young artist programmes like the Jette Parker, the Royal Danish Opera School, and Britten Pears. Others are mid and early career singers in the Danish Royal Opera, Danish National Opera, Danish National Radio Choir, Vancouver Opera, etc.


Teaching philosophy: I believe that while historical vocal pedagogy is the foundation of good singing, evidence-based teaching is essential to avoid the pitfalls of anecdotal teaching methods. Acoustic vocal pedagogy, psycho-bio awareness, and psychoacoustics all figure prominently in my work, but my teaching style is science-informed not science-limited. A multidisciplinary approach allows for the voice to be considered holistically and for the union of art and science in voice teaching.

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