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Dr. Querns' deep insight into the mechanics of building an operatic voice is invaluable to budding vocalists and prepares them for the difficult rigors of performing the great music of that time. His festival is truly a mecca for young singers!

Bruce Ford

Amazing teacher

Julia Bielefeld

Ken is a very kind teacher who is good at really listening for the specific singer´s potential. I also know younger singers that study with him and he points the attention of students towards all the aspects of the musicianship (phrasing, meaning of the text, required body or mind working and the overall musicality). He is working thoroughly on both technique and artistry and he has a solid knowledge of the bel canto technique that I haven´t met anywhere else, not even in Italy.

Lona Mohr Villadsen

Those of us who care about the art of singing and the standar of the opear must certainly support the London Bel Canto Festival. all young singers today need to be encouraged to study the art of bel cnato.

Maestro Richard Bonynge

Ken is the most amazing teacher I've had in my life aka. in the past 20 years of getting singing lessons. Just saying!

Nina Clausen

I came to Ken as a voice student a couple of years ago after having issues with my training and it took him literally one single lesson to completely free my voice and bring it back to its original range before my vocal problems started and make it feel good.
He understood my voice immediately and gave me exactly the exercises that would fix my issues and made me reach notes I never thought I could sing without any strain. I 100% recommend him as a vocal teacher. The studio also has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and Ken is open to suggestions and repertoire ideas.
I’ve seen him teach many students at the bel canto festival and he’s extremely knowledgeable not just in this particular musical tradition but also in how the voice works and what teaching methods will work for any particular voice. He’ll be specific in the lessons and make sure you exactly understand what you have to do so that you can repeat it correctly in practice which is an important part of taking care of one’s voice, and it also teaches you to help yourself. I’ve had a good few singing teachers but none as competent and invested in my progress as Ken. If you’re on the fence, go for it, you won’t regret it !!

Robin Fiedler

Maestro Querns-Langley has a deep and organic understanding of the voice. His approach and technique have helped me greatly to understand my own instrument. Because of this, if there's ever a problem with my voice I'm able to address it, instead of crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Sergio Augusto

I wish that I had been able to study with Ken when I was in high school.

Stephane Overton-Hall

Five Stars!

Taya Lukashova

Ken Querns’ intimate understanding of the biology and mechanics of the voice, matched with his deep knowledge of Bel Canto Technique have given me abilities beyond my wildest dreams.

Will Pazdziora

Ken is a superb teacher - knowledgeable, encouraging, and always pushing you to be at your best. From a technical point of view he can explain and demonstrate, methodically and carefully, a host of complex or new principles, which might otherwise seem daunting. He has a wonderful easygoing manner that helps to relax and steer you into the right frame of mind for his lessons. Excellent for anyone new to singing or needing a strong technical steer in their work, and a bit of a refresher - his knowledge of the repertoire is also second-to-none.

Benjamin Poore

Singing professionally last 40 years but since I have had K. E Querns as my vocal coach the last 4 years everyone notices the difference in what his Bel Canto technique can do even in an experienced Baritone

Cantor Paul Heller

He's knowledgeable, didactic, patient, and so supportive! An incredibly effective teacher and overall amazing person, I can't recommend him highly enough.

Claudia Esteves

Ken is a truly amazing teacher. He has a very deep understanding of Bel Canto technique and vocal production as proven by his doctoral studies and by his students’ results.

Francesco Capponi

I truly believe that he is one of the few voice teachers in the world that could helped me.

Jason Centofanti

I am a freelance church singer and have been joying lessons by Ken for 14 months now… and have reached must more legality and strength in my voice and approved from a unstable F to A flat … and my booking rate are approved with 30% In his related way it is therapy for me …My best recommendation

Johnny Sten

Ken is a knowledgeable abd passionate teacher

Massimo Dal Checco

Ken is truly a one-of-kind teacher in opera singing. I have never worked with a teacher or mentor with his level of technical skill and understanding of anatomy. Furthermore, he is a very kind and generous teacher, as well as fully committed to his students.

Sidse Bohm

Mr Querns is a master. Not only, in terms of pedagogy, but his ability to encourage, and motivate me. He also has been vey helpful, in interpretation, and emotion within songs.

Slim Estrada

As an amateur singer my motivation to study was to enhance my enjoyment of listening to professionals, by gaining a better understanding of the challenges. Ken has been an incredibly effective teacher. He has an uncanny ability to identify the cause of problems and to provide the solution, for professionals and amateurs. Ken is very respectful of his student's goals. He does all of that with good humour and endless encouragement. Now I enjoy my own singing!

Stewart Duffy

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