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Lesson Details

Singing lessons are taught in London, Copenhagen and Online. Information regarding those specific locations can be found on the relevant pages or here on the Singing Lessons page.

The Studio specializes in the classical Bel Canto Technique of the Manuel Garcia / Mathilde Marchesi tradition and the Lamperti Tradition. Through use of Bel Canto exercises handed down in the Bel Canto tradition, we help students to free the natural voice and to understand how their physical and emotional states affect the singing voice, and rectify any negative impact.

The production of a free and clear tone with proper projection and correct breath usage / control (without forcing or 'pushing'), will be taught through singing demonstration and technical / physiological / anatomical / and vocal acoustic explanations.

The use of legato, support / appoggio, aggiustamento, projection, naso-pharyngeal spacing vocal acoustics and resonance strategies will become the foundation of the students' study.The student will have the choice of choosing between a Principle teacher or a full-trained 'apprentice' teacher, each of whom are professional working singers.As a foundation to good singing, all students, regardless of style, will be expected to learn classical technique and learn standard song repertoire.I will provide periodic Master Classes and group work so that the students will have the chance to sing together.

For Master Classes they will learn vocal and dramatic interpretation, preparation and presentation skills.The student will also learn the respective vocal / musical styles associated with the vocal literature performed.I am fluent in European languages and will coach in all major operatic languages. So, the student will also learn to sing in a variety of musical languages and styles.Each student will be expected to follow a path in which they take at least one (1) lesson per week, however multiple lessons are possible and are always offered at a reduced rate. While many students chose to take more than one lesson per week, only one lesson is required.

Specialties: Bel Canto, Vocal Acoustics, Projection, Legato, Breathing, Support, Appoggio, Aggiustamento, Voce Faringea (Pharyngeal voice) Manuel Garcia, Mathilde Marchesi, Lamperti.

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