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Who is Suited for this Studio?

  • Students that are typically accepted into the K E Querns Langley Bel Canto Vocal Studio are normally those with a strong desire to sing and/or to learn Bel Canto Vocal Technique in an intensely pedagogical way, however there is NO previous musical study required.
  • Beginners are always welcome, however will be held to the same vocal standards, and will be given the same training as those with previous musical study.
  • Any student looking to study voice for 'personal development' with no professional aspirations will also be given training equal to those students following a course of study leading to a professional career. The only difference will be the expectations based on the students' goals.
  • A non-professional grade student seeking to 'just learn some songs' or 'take some quick lessons' for whatever reason will be offered lessons with either a resident apprentice or coach.
  • Each student will be expected to follow a consistent course of study in which they will take at least one (1) lesson per week, however multiple lessons are possible, and are always offered at a reduced rate. While many students chose to take more than one lesson per week, only one lesson is required.

Contact us

If you are wondering whether or not this studio is for you, please feel free to contact us and we would be happy to discuss your training.

Bel Canto Vocal Studio

Phone: +44 788 1045726 UK

Phone: +1 856 503 7228 USA



London, NW3

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