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In a statement supporting the London Bel Canto Festival, artistic patron Bruce Ford shows great respecet for the work of Dr. Ken Querns-Langley.

"The Bel Canto era brought forth some of the greatest singers and composers in operatic history, those who challenged the true difficulties of vocal gymnastics and beauty of tone. To master such abilities took long hours of dedication, hard work and deep study into the intricacies of early 19th century singing, but above all, building a technique and a voice to conquer such difficult melismas and long phrasing. That is where Dr. Kenneth Querns and the London Bel Canto Festival have truly excelled! Dr. Querns' deep insight into the mechanics of building an operatic voice is invaluable to budding vocalists and prepares them for the difficult rigors of performing the great music of that time. His festival is truly a mecca for young singers!" - Bruce Ford

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