Bel Canto Vocal Studio

K E Querns Langley

Music Administration Internship

A music administration intern is needed to work with me in the studio to do some light education programme development and organization. I currently work with many students in several countries and looking to develop two new programmes. The studio is based primarily in London and I would like to develop a master class workshop and recital series and here, but also to create a 2-3 week summer program in Italy, preferable in Venice, called 'Accademia del Bel Canto'.

So, if you or anyone you know might be interested in working as an intern working on developing these programs please get in touch. I'm willing to offer two singing lessons per week quid pro quo (valued at £120 pounds) for 10-12 hours work or one singing lessons for 6 hours per week. If you work directly in student development for the programs as well, you will earn a student referral bonus for each student enrolled.

Considering that we would be working with Italy it would be helpful if the intern were fluent in Italian. Some experience dealing with the particular difficulties of Italian organization would helpful as well. It is not required that you are Located in London.