Bel Canto Vocal Studio

K E Querns Langley

Singing Lessons

We help students free the natural voice primarily through use of Bel Canto technique handed down through my teachers directly from both the Garcia-Marchesi and Lamperti traditions in order to help student to understand how their physical and emotional states affect the singing voice, and rectify any negative impact.

London Singing Lessons

  • £60 for 1 hour lesson (Hampstead)
  • £75 In-Home / Central London Studio
  • Reduced rates are offered for advance payment
Copenhagen Singing Lessons

  • 560 DKK for 1 hour lesson (Accompanist Available)
  • 250 DKK for Ensemble Class
  • 100 DKK for Master Class (Active or Auditor)

International via Skype

  • $85 per hour.
  • $400 for 5 ($80 hr)
  • $750 for 10 ($75 hr)