Workshops & Master Classes Copenhagen 24-30 June and 20-25 July 2015.        Information coming soon about a Bel Canto technique and interpretation workshop in Venice, Italy for summer 2015!
K E Querns Langley - Tenor; BCVS Founder and Principle Vocal Instructor Bel Canto Vocal Studio: Singing Lessons London and Philadelphia:K E Querns Langley founded the studio in 2003 because he felt there was insufficient historically informed training available in Bel Canto technique to singers in London. Since then, he has worked internationally with nearly 200 voices of all ages from all over the world many of whom are professional or at conservatoire.  Students have sung in opera, in musicals on Broadway and the West End, as well as received recording contracts and several have appeared singing on television.  To see what current international students say, have a look at the Testimonials below, or see them in full on the Testimonials page.

The studio now has a fully restored 6' 8

Bel Canto Voce Studio - C. Bechstein Model B - London Singing Lesson
Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist, our Vocal Instructors offer world class vocal tuition & music classes for everyone! You'll work on exciting solo music and ensemble projects as well as receive expert advice and tips on style and vocal technique from our acclaimed voice teachers & vocal coaches at either our London, Philadelphia, New York locations or via online singing lessons.

Our appreciation and love of art extends to a wide variety of musical styles from Opera or Musical Theater to R & B. In order to celebrate the artistic endeavors of the many creative people in the world, K E Querns Langley hosts various performances and master classes in Bel Canto Technique and Performance Practice throughout the year, highlighting different styles, artists and themes.
For more information about our current performances, please contact us  or check our events page. So, if you are interested in voice lessons in London or elsewhere, please register as a student by clicking here and filling out the form or go directly to the Registration Form page.

The best way to understand a singing teacher is through the words and performing of their students.  Below you will find a few testimonials of current international students.

William Pazdziora - Tenor (USA)
"I came to Ken in my sophomore year of [music] college as an aspiring singer who had nothing to show for years of training.  I had been studying voice for 5 years before I came to Ken and my voice was in shambles.  I only had about an octave of usable range and no idea what I was doing.  I had teacher after teacher desperately trying to pound notes out of me, including well regarded college professors, but none of them understood my voice and so I never made any progress.  Ken Querns’ intimate understanding of the biology and mechanics of the voice, matched with his deep knowledge of Bel Canto Technique have given me abilities beyond my wildest dreams...His incredible knowledge about the voice and different voice types allows him to teach a wide range of students with success.  I have worked with many musical theater vocal coaches who constantly ask me how I sing the way I do.  They are shocked at the incredible range and ease that I have in my voice and it is unparalleled to anything that I could learn from anyone locally.  I plan to study with Ken as long as possible...His dedication to his students is incredible, and to find a voice teacher with the knowledge and dedication of Ken is a rare find.  I literally wouldn’t be in the advanced vocal place that I am today without Ken’s meticulous coaching."

Stephanie Overton-Hall - Soprano (USA)
"Throughout college I had struggled with my upper register, and my voice teacher [at my music college] even classified me as a mezzo-soprano at one point, which I am most certainly not.  I tended to crack on anything above a G on the staff, which made professional singing a challenge...At my first consultation with Ken, I knew he was the absolute best teacher in the area - I was able to vocalize easily up to a high E-flat (8 semi-tones higher than my former range), and he was able to show me techniques to better support my sound so I didn't crack at all... I am so grateful that Ken is still Skyping with me from London, as I have never in my 16 years of vocal study found a teacher that is as knowledgeable and clear as he is.  In fact, I still have to work on correcting vocal issues I developed because of the teaching techniques of my past teachers."

"Ken has a masterful understanding of the voice, and a unique ability to see inside the voice... I was amazed at how he could see inside the Voice. Rather than playing scales and giving generic advice, he truly knows what's going on inside his student's voice and individualizes his teaching accordingly.   His ear is so powerful and skilled, he hears, even through Skype...He has allowed me to discover my true potential as a Tenor, hitting high-notes with ease, and developing a rich operatic sound, which no local could ever get me to do. " 

"Ken makes a meticulous plan for each student and teaches me intellectually as well as practically, which befits my way of making progress. It is critical to learn from a highly qualified teacher such as Ken and also to continue to do so based on the same philosophy and principles. In fact it is nearly impossible to find such a teacher in my country and I feel that I am really fortunate to be able to learn from him." 

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